Tax File Number Retention Form

I/We                            permit MCA Financial Planners Pty Ltd and its Authorised Representative Zina Russo of Allenby Consulting Pty Ltd to retain my/our Tax File Number (TFN), subject to the following conditions:

  1. MCA Financial Planners Pty. Ltd and Allenby Consulting Pty Ltd agrees to only use the TFN for purposes approved by law. This includes finding or identifying my/our superannuation benefits where other information is insufficient; calculating tax on any benefit I/we may be entitled to; for superannuation surcharge purposes and providing information to the Commissioner of Taxation. You are also permitted to retain my/our TFN to quote on applications for future investments that I/we may make. These purposes may change in the future.
  2. In addition to the Commissioner of Taxation, the TFN will only be disclosed to the trustees and fund managers that act on my/our behalf, or any other government authority that requires my/our TFN.
  3. I/we am/are under no obligation to provide my/our TFN and declining to quote my/our TFN is not an offence.
  4. If I/we do not provide my/our TFN, I/we may pay more tax on my/our benefits, dividends and distributions from investments than I/we have to, and I/we also may have to pay the superannuation surcharge. It may also be more difficult to administer my/our benefits if you do not have my/our current address, if I/we wish to amalgamate my/our superannuation accounts, or if I/we have insufficient identification to claim or enquire about my/our benefits. These consequences may change in the future.
  5. You are authorised to collect my/our TFN and are governed by the Privacy Act..
  6. You agree to implement the necessary security to ensure that my/our TFN is not disclosed to any party not noted above; or, misused by anyone.
  7. You agree to remove and destroy all records of my/our TFN should I/we instruct you to, and immediately upon my/our ceasing to be a client of MCA Financial Planners Pty and Allenby Consulting Pty Ltd





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