The 2012 Women in Super Report by CoreData found -

30.9% women feel their super needs are different to men, but only 8.9% of men think their super needs are different to women

women do not want to be sold to

35.1% women feel financially insecure, compared to 21.5% of men

37.5% of women agree they have difficulty in making financial decisions, compared to 26% of men

more than half of women who have families feel disadvantaged as a result of stopping work or reducing time working

almost half of women want a service relationship, where their questions are answered in a phone call or meeting.

about one third of women feel the service relationship is more important than the brand

about 41.7% of women feel they are unlikely to have what they need to finance their retirement compared to 29.1% of men

We are interested in servicing long term client relationships, women to women.

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