Choice of Fund

Who is eligible to choose a super fund?

A person can generally choose their super fund if they are:

  • employed under a federal award
  • employed under a former state award, now known as a 'notional agreement preserving state award'
  • employed under another award or agreement that doesn't require superannuation support, or
  • not employed under any state award or industrial agreement (including contractors paid principally for their labour).

Who is not eligible to choose a super fund?

You may not be eligible under the superannuation guarantee to choose a super fund if:

  • your empolyer pays superannuation for them under a:
  • state industrial award
  • preserved state agreement
  • federal industrial agreement such as an Australian workplace agreement (AWA)
  • pre-reform AWA, pre-reform certified agreement, collective agreement
  • old IR agreement, individual transitional employment agreement (ITEA)
  • workplace determination, or enterprise agreement (these are defined terms in Federal industrial relations law); or
  • You are in a particular type of defined benefit fund or have already reached a certain level in a defined benefit fund.
  • Some federal and state public sector employees are also excluded from choice of superannuation.

If you are not sure what award or industrial agreement, if any, is covered by:

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