Superannuation Overview

Superannuation legislation is complex. It is a specialist area. But it does need your attention, your involvement, your direction. It does need to be actively managed.

Knowing how your funds are invested and making sure they are invested in a way that reflects your style and level of Risk is a critical part of your retirement planning.

Superannuation is simply a tax structure. The investments inside that tax structure can be directed and managed actively if you choose.

The range of products which deliver the superannuation tax structure, are as simple as a Retirement Saving Account at your local bank, to a complex Self Managed Super Fund. We can assist you in the process of positioning your superannuation funds in the right vehicle for your size of funds and your personal expectations.

The result needs to be cost effective yet actively managed.

Every client has different expectations, so no one product fits all. As clients grow their account balances; expectations change. Whatever super product you choose, it should be flexible to reflect those changes. The product that houses those investments should be appropriate at each stage. Superannuation is dynamic, not static.

We manage the progression of your growth with no additional cost to transition to the next stage of your journey. Our advice is holistic. We do not advocate or promote any single product. We are not aligned or owned by any Bank , Life Company or Research House.

We advise with consideration of Economic themes and consequently engage in Active Asset Allocation.

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