Retirement Planning

We encourage you to prepare for Retirement by meeting well before your proposed retirement date. It is important for you to engage in practical discussions about the range of options avaliable to you.

The initial stages of Retirement are often stressful and anxious times. All Retirees need time to become comfortable with whole new life and financial experience.

Once you come on board as a client, we offer you unlimited face to face meeting time at no additional cost. We beleive it is very important to have a good relationship with your advisor as your changing circumstances and financial requirements can flucuate from time to time, requiring consideration of Centrelink or other tax and income/growth consequences. Therefore it is important to deal with your needs in a holistic manner.

We approach your Retirement Planning with a view to maximising your overall income from all sources.

We look to your current assets and consider all tax struxtures. 

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